Brief instructions for the RWX Multi Layer Ground generator

RWMuLaG is a program to create grounds (and other square objects) for an ActiveWorlds environment. It is not thought to replace a modeler but it enables people who are not familiar with RWX scripting to define simple objects with few mouse clicks.

It is thought to be used for multilayer grounds - for example one at ground level, one far up in the sky and one far below.

I hope it will not need much documentation as I'm lazy with that ;)
It's a Beta - so don't be mad if something doesn't work yet, better send me an EMail about the problem. saving and loading in an internal format Color pickers in layer dialog decimeters (1/10th of a meter or 10 centimeters) for the width Support non-square objects (e.g. for house walls, floors and roofs) Tags for picture and sign objects Save and load of single layers to make it more modular Names and Texturenames sometimes had weird characters behind them after loading
? not yetCreating a ZIP file instead of the RWX
download RWMuLaG!.exe

Current version V1.0.0.4 BETA
dated 03/11/2001
about 46k download size
Click the link to the left to download RWMuLaG!.exe (self extractor)
Start it, it will extract RWMuLaG.exe - default to C:\RWMuLaG\


about 15k download size
For those who know how to unzip a file.
download MFC42.DLL
On some computers a required file might be missing, it contains Microsoft's Foundation Classes
In this case you get an error messagebox reporting a missing file MFC42.DLL
This can be fixed by downloading MFC42.ZIP (link on the left) and extracting it's contents into your windows system directory.
Now start the program RWMuLaG.exe again
Sample RWX file
This is a sample result file of what RWMuLag generates

Some screenshots :

Layer list Model parameters Layer parameters
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