Brief instructions for the RWX batch manipulator

Thanks to Andras for his zipdll.dll that is used by the program !
If you don't like this program interface, check his Multizip.

RWBat can exchange textures / masks that are referenced in RWX Models and change their texture tiling (UV values). It can not add textures to untextured polygons!
It can change the models sizes and orientations (rotate / mirror) and flip the lit attribute.
It can handle RWX script files and ZIP / GZIP compressed RWX.
The model files are fed in via Drag&Drop, the resulting model files have the same name and file type as the source models.
Be careful to specify a new destination folder for the created models as RWBat overwrites without asking!

It's brand new - if a problem occurs, please send an EMail with the problem description. version to force file type RWX or ZIP to remove illegal polygons (sometimes produced by COBDump3)
download RWBat!.exe

Current version V1.0.0.2
dated 03/23/2001
about 135k download size
Click the link to the left to download RWBat!.exe (self extractor)
Start it, it will extract RWBat.exe and zipdll.dll - default to C:\RWBat\


about 22k download size
For those who already have zipdll.dll and know how to unzip a file.
download MFC42.DLL
On some computers a required file might be missing, it contains Microsoft's Foundation Classes
In this case you get an error messagebox reporting a missing file MFC42.DLL
This can be fixed by downloading MFC42.ZIP (link on the left) and extracting it's contents into your windows system directory.
Now start the program RWBat.exe again

Some screenshots :

Main dialog / Model list Scale and mirror options Rotate options Texture replacements list Optional texture replacement dialog Misc. output options Ready to create the models
Info : RWBat analyzes the RWX files only line-by-line, so it does not calculate new vertex positions. It just inserts scale and rotate lines, modifies the UV and texture commands and flips polygons if necessary.

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