Brief instructions for the ActiveWorlds directory lister

The directory lists that most web servers produce, take forever to download. This script creates a much smaller listing of your object path contents, and even sends a GZipped version, if the web browser supports that (most browsers do).
You can see how it works on my path.
The current version works in PHP3 and PHP4.
For PHP versions prior to 4.0.4 you might have to remove the first three script lines, because this type of HTML compression is quite new.
The script ls.php uses the ls shell command, that's why the setting safe_mode=OFF (default) is needed (check phpinfo.php if in doubt)
The script ls1.php works with safe_mode=ON. If ls.php does not work for you, try ls1.php. It can not sort, sorting such an amount of data with PHP puts too much load on the CPU. When I tried it, the script was always kicked out with a 503 error (Server too busy).
If you have an strange web server on a windows system, you can try this second script too, it does not need the ls shell command.
download Current version dated 12/29/2001, about 5k download size
- workaround for the buggy strncasecmp() in old PHP4 versions
  • Click the link above to download Save it anywhere on your HD.
    Extract / unzip the contents of the ZIP archive (it contains ls.php, ls1.php and phpinfo.php)

  • Skip this step if you know your web server paths
    Upload the script phpinfo.php to your object path base directory, open it in your web browser and look for SCRIPT_FILENAME in the result it produces

  • Open ls.php with your editor (NotePad will do), go to line 9 and configure the $PLocal entry there : Strip the filename (phpinfo.php) from the SCRIPT_FILENAME entry you found in the phpinfo.php output and write it between the single quotes : $PLocal='HERE/';. The entry needs a trailing slash!

  • If you like and are familiar with HTML, you can change colors and add contact or builder informations as you like

  • Upload ls.php to any place on your web server - no need to have it in the object path itself

  • Upload a not zipped version of avatars.dat to your avatars directory on your object path. This is needed for the list type that brings menu entries and model names together and is helpful for builders and bot users

  • Open it in your web browser and test if it works

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