Free ActiveWorlds models
Free objects and avatars

Free ActiveWorlds tools (not tested with current AW versions!)
Some more AW related stuff can be found on my PHP pages

AwStartAwStart - program to visit many universes with the same browser
AwCLBotAwCLBot - bot to enhance the use of the AW contact list
AWAvDatAWAvDat - small GUI to edit avatars.dat
AWPropCheckAWPropCheck - Checks a propdump for missing models and textures
RWMuLaGRWMuLaG - Generator for multilayer ground objects
RWLsTxRWLsTx - Texture lister for RWX models
RWBatRWBat - Batch manipulator for RWX models
VerCalVerCal - A simple vertex calculator
HTMLDuDiHTMLDuDi - Dummy HTML directory generator
Fetchfetch.php - Online object generator and manipulator
TGramLogTGramLog - A log program for outgoing telegrams
WClickMapClickMap - a template for clickable world maps using HTML and PHP or plain HTML
tgram2txt - a program to extract ActiveWorlds telegrams into a text file
RWP - an RWX preprocessor experimental
Trapez - a program for trapezoid and triangular distorsion of RWX models and shapes
RWDelete - a renumber tool to remove vertexes and the polygons referencing them from RWX models
RWInsert - a renumber tool to add vertexes to RWX models
RWRas2Bmp - a Rasterfile to BMP converter for cached RAS files
Awreg2prop - an object yard generator
(LINK NOT YET WORKING) Anarchiver - a very simple but quick backup bot
Download here if you want to use it without documentation
PHP font scripts - How to use fonts on signs in ActiveWorlds
PHP clock script - A real time clock for picture objects
ls.php - A fast directory list script for object paths
Infos - few unsorted informations in text format

ActiveWorlds related links
Mauz left us way too young, here used to be a link to : Mauz' ActiveWorlds pages - a cool place to start your ActiveWorlds information tour
Andras' ActiveWorlds pages - everything a world builder needs : free tools, tutorials and newsgroups
Active Worlds Community Pages - the name tells it all
Rypp's AW links - Another good links page to start with
Tacksworld - Eine recht neue AW-Seite, die aber vielversprechend startet [de]

Modeling links for ActiveWorlds
AccuTrans - Great professional object conversion and avatar creation program for a very low prize. It supports lots of formats and has features to align surfaces, scale objects, reduce polygones and many more.
RWModeler - The only modeler so far that is not too complicated for me *g
RWXMod - Dataman's RWX utility (forever beta) - tutorial and download on Mauz' page.
GLView - Useful tool to preconvert some VRML file formats that can not be converted by AccuTrans.

Texturing links for ActiveWorlds
Infinity Textures - More than a texture generator, can be used to create sprite masks and contains a landscape rendering engine.
IrfanView - Freeware image viewer, converter, resizer, capturer and more . Great program with plugins for even more formats.
Reptile - Freeware animated texture generator (water ...), can save as a set of BMPs, GIF and AVI.
Image Alchemy - Useful for converting GIF animations into vertical AW movie strips.
SmallerAnimals - They have several nice tools and free source code.
ACDSee - Explorer-style image viewer and format converter.
new URI - Harm's Wares - Free tools for seamles tiles and thumbnail creation, free Delphi sources and a good links collection (few outdated).
Burn All GIFs - Information ressource with PNG/MNG related software.
Texturator - A bunch of nice 128x128 textures (categorized) that can be used freely - please read copyright notice. (English pages)

Misc. stuff and links
T-Sail - Web site translator, that supports several asian languages too.
Langenberg - Translation engine collection
OpenWatcom - One of the best C/C++ compilers is now for free (not only Windoze).
AW.LIB - Watcom import library for AW.DLL (SDK 3.2 build 22) (Created with Watcom C/C++ 11.0)

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