What is it good for?
This script replaces the object path entry of a virtual world. It enhances the object path by several features :
  • Define a replacement for the triangle (unknown object)
  • Define a replacement for an unknown texture
  • Create simple 3D shapes by typing in a code instead of an object name
  • Modify (X/Y/Z scale and X/Z rotate) existing RWX models by typing in a code instead of an object name
  • Create random color textures that look different to every visitor
  • ... <= your ideas go here, as it is script you can add features
All generated objects have the picture tag, optional the sign tag. Sizes, texture repeats, angles, opacity, lit attribute and (for round things) detail level can be choosen.
You do not need to use all features, you can easily remove those that you don't want or those that your server does not support. It will not work in worlds that have a registry!
My friend Tacoguy made a page that shows some of the features, have a look at his page :
Link removed, his domain has been grabbed and taken over by a porn company :-(
Dynamic Objects in Active Worlds
Who has set up a related project that can do a lot more than fetch.php :
MultiPath OP System
What does the world need?
The script language is PHP, that means the server where you have your object path must understand this language.
Download, installation instructions and documentation are here.
Two of the features require more than just plain PHP3 :

1. Modifying existing objects needs a program that can unzip PKZip (WinZip) and GZip to the screen (stdout). I use InfoZip's free program funzip for that, my web space provider already had it (Standard for linux systems). The same program is available for Win32 console too. (downloads)

2. The random color texture requires the GD library with JPG support to be part of your (or your providers) PHP installation. As this feature is not too important it can easily be removed if there is no GD available.

!!! There might be PHP installations that run in a secure mode and do not allow external program execution (funzip needs that) so the scale/rotate feature might not be available (I cannot test that) !!!

It does not create all these objects permanent on the object path, the object path will not become larger and larger by requesting more and more objects. The objects are created on request and sent to the browser, they do not exist on the server anymore once they have been sent.
Note :Scaling and rotation do NOT work with TrueSpace models!
What do the world builders need?
Nothing, they create the objects by just typing a code into the object line of the browsers object property box.
But the codes are quite cryptic, so I made a simple self explaining calculator program (27k download) that the builders can use to evaluate the codes that can be used. Screenshot see below.

Code calculator
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