How to make AwStart do what it's supposed to do :

Visit a lot of universes with only one browser
This is NOT a browser patch or hack and does not modify any binary file of the AW browser

Please keep this page open while you install
You will need the instructions!

Before you start please check this Micro$oft junk page

Current version V1.0.1.1
dated 02/25/2001
about 19k download size
Click the link to the left to download AwStart
Create a new directory anywhere on your HD using the windows explorer
Extract / unzip the contents of into this new folder
Now start the program AwStart.exe for the first time
download AwStart!.exe
About 48k download size
Click the link to the left to download AwStart!.exe
This is a self extracting file that creates the folder C:\AwStart as default and extracts the files into this new folder. You don't need an Unzip program if you choose this method and you don't need to know how to create a folder.
Now start the program AwStart.exe for the first time
FreeZip Homepage
The link to the left leads you to a free small, fast and efficient Zip utility.
download MFC42.DLL
On some computers a required file might be missing, it contains Microsoft's Foundation Classes
In this case you get an error messagebox reporting a missing file MFC42.DLL
This can be fixed by downloading MFC42.ZIP (link on the left) and extracting it's contents into your windows system directory.
Now start the program AwStart.exe again

Please continue reading!

AwStart Screenshot1 - Startup AwStart REPORTS A PROBLEM
Most of you will now get a screen that looks like this
Several buttons are disabled and the Status line on the bottom of the window tells you about a path problem. This happens because AwStart needs to know where your 3D browser is installed
To supply that information, press the 'Options and Paths' button and a new dialog window will open.
AwStart Screenshot2 - Option screen
You can input the information by writing it into the field or by selecting the file using the » button to the right of the field (see next section).
You will recognize that AwStart adapts the 2nd path to your changes beeing made in the 1st one - if the 1st path is correct you will not need to change the 2nd one (at least in most cases).
Be sure to enter complete paths, consisting of drive, path and filename.
You see 2 input fields containing path informations. First you should enter or choose path and name of the 3D browser you use (in most cases: aworld.exe).

Be sure NOT to select AwStart.exe but AWorld.exe!
AwStart Screenshot3 - select Path AwStart PATH SELECTION
If you setup the paths (section above) using the » button, you can select the directories and files using the standard fileselect box of windows, so I hope the picture on the left will do ;-)

view AwStartCfg.ini
dated 06/10/2003 48 entries,
might be newer than included version
This is not needed for the installation!
Experienced users can merge the contents into their INI file for update
Some entries are outdated, some were outdated and came back
view AwStart version history
This is not needed for the installation!
If you've got an GW, OW, UW or whatever browser installed and you wonder why I always write about the AW browser in my installation instructions - read this :

Most people do not know it's exactly the same browser - it just has another startup screen and slightly modified texts. The browser you use is always the AW browser, you can check that in the AboutBox. The differences are just customizations.

So the only thing to do is start AwStart, click the button "Options and local paths" and select your AW-browser executable (wich may be a 'whatever' browser) using the pushbutton located on the right side of the input field.

Then you can leave the setup dialog by pressing OK. From now on you start AwStart instead of starting your AW browser, select the universe and click the "Start" button.
By doing this you tell AwStart how to modify the browser settings, wich changes to make in your browser's INI file before starting the browser. It doesn't modify your downloaded browser, it just tells him which universe to connect.
It even makes a safety copy of this INI file (aworld.ini.SAVED) on first startup so that you can easily undo the changes if anything doesn't work .

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