Brief instructions for the contact list enhancer

Thanks to Andras for testing and ideas !

AwCLBot reads your AWorld contact list entries and can retrieve or update the current nicknames.
It has 3 additional fields for each entry : Name, EMail and Comment/homepage
These three fields are editable so you can keep track of name changes and append additional informations to each contact.
No need to have bot rights in any world as it does not enter a world.
The bot doesn't have all its features with AW 3.3 and later, as it used to get the list of citizen numbers in your contact list from this text file.

What you still can do : create an empty text file contacts.txt in a new directory, copy aworld.ini into the same directory, because it gets its universe data from there, and you will be able to still use the world rights tools and add new entries with right click to the list window.

Automatic filling it from your AW browser contact list doesn't work anymore though, sorry :-/
New feature since :
Citizens can be added by name or number (it was a bug that it didn't work before).
Added a world tool to help manage the chaotic world rights entries.
New feature since :
You can add entries to the programs own contact list that is not affected by the 100-limit of AW.
Use the context menu or the keys "Ins", "Del" and "Space" (=edit).
download (aw.dll built 15) about 55k download
download (aw.dll built 24) about 78k download

Current version V1.0.0.9
dated 04/04/2001
Click the link to the left to download AwCLBot
Extract / unzip the contents of the archive
Copy the two files aw.dll and AwCLBot.exe into your AW browser directory - it will not work from other places!
FreeZip Homepage
The link to the left leads you to a free small, fast and efficient Zip utility.
download MFC42.DLL
On some computers a required file might be missing, it contains Microsoft's Foundation Classes
In this case you get an error messagebox reporting a missing file MFC42.DLL
This can be fixed by downloading MFC42.ZIP (link on the left) and extracting it's contents into your windows system directory.
Now start the program AwCLBot.exe again

Some screenshots :

Contact list Contact card Contact card
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